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“If you are looking for market research, financial insights or investment direction then Tuttle Ventures should be your first stop. Darin's knowledge of investing and insight is second to none!

-Startempire Wire Verious Smith III

“Tuttle Ventures is always willing to think outside the box with fresh ideas backed by interesting research. Once Darin catches a potential opportunity he is like a bloodhound on the trail until he figures it out.”

-Mitch Speigel Founder of Homes by the Bay

“Off-the-beaten path ideas and approaches to portfolio management.”

-Hunter, Lewis Enterprises

“Tuttle Ventures advocates value-oriented, active stock portfolios. Mr. Tuttle shares to-the-point insights on strategy, value cases, and timely tactical positions.”

-Johan Eklund, CFA, PiggyBack

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We invest so you can do the rest. Actionable market insights with unique ideas and interesting research to make you a better investor.


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